Our Mission

"Making outbound sales prospecting your most effective business acquisition channel"

We know how much day to day outbound lead-generation work can be a painful and labor-intensive process…

That is why most companies overlook this because it is seen as: loads of work and complex to implement. Building on those findings, we decided to spend time optimising each and every step of the outbound sales prospecting and processes in order to build a solution driven by amazing ROI.


Who are we

We are a team of enthusiast with solid experience in B2B Sales & Marketing for more than a decade. You may say we are “LeadOholic” and it all starts with leads withe every business. Having seen a huge paucity of leads that persists within companies in single and multiple product lines including solutions offering lead to the birth of Jet Leads. Our only one passion is to get our clients qualified leads and sales meetings thus helping them to increase their revenue.

Know the Founder

Rekha is an experienced Global Sales and Marketing expert and has 13+ years of working experience in B2B Sales, Marketing, Finance, Product Management & Business Strategy. Having hands on working experience with both local and global clients during her overall career stint helps her and the teams to seamlessly work with Indian and clients across the globe.

Being a “LeadOholic” she makes an ongoing effort to deeply dive into the clients world and understand their day to day problems and challenges they are face. Her aim lies constantly add value by implementing new and innovative prospecting strategies that helps to position the clients with their best image in front of their target audience.