Great solution for startups, B2B companies,
B2C companies and agencies

Discover Global and Domestic Leads

Extract decision makers contacts from B2B social media and create targeted lists in a click. You can also find emails from a list of companies or first name, last name and company name by uploading details in the tool.

Grow Your Social Media Connections

Grow your social media connections on autopilot which can help you and your teams to increase your network and start conversations with potential customers at scale, to drive more meetings, sales and profits.

Create Sales Chatbot

Convert your visitors into leads. Automatically chat with your visitors and capture data from them. You will be able to install a chatbot to capture information from your visitors. The collected leads information could be sent by email, SMS, or directly into a Slack channel.

Run Email Campaigns

Create awesome HTML emails and sequence campaigns. Send newsletter or cold emails until recipients reply. Connect your own SMTP provider and IMAP to send emails. Track opens, clicks, bounce, unsubscribe, replies and create nice emailing campaigns in plain text or HTML. Get the power to do emailing campaigns at scale with high volume. Design nice newsletter or simple cold emails with the simple online editor and get more meetings every month.