Grow Your Sales
Partner with us to find leads and also get in touch with highly targeted prospects for you. You receive hot leads directly in your inbox.
We focus on your ROI.

Jetleads is your extended and scalable sales development team.
We prospect for you and deliver qualified sales opportunities directly in your inbox.

How does it work?

You define what target groups you want to prospect.
We build a custom database of high potential customers for your company and write the prospecting templates/scripts.
We set up and manage personalized outbound sales campaigns for you, using Email and Phone sequences.
All is tracked live and reported on a cloud platform. We will share a fortnight report with you tracking the performance.
You receive sales opportunities directly in your inbox.

Why partner with us?

Hot leads in your inbox.

Increase your sales team’s productivity

Currently 60-70% of their time is used in finding data and trying to follow up multiple times for meetings. Use Jetleads to relieve your in house sales team from repetitive tasks, allow them to be more productive and to focus on closing deals.

New Customer Acquisition

We use custom handmade quality data on your target audience. We scale, automate sales campaigns for you. We are experts in building personalized campaigns that resonates with your target audience and will get you meetings.
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